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We purchased a 2012 pre-owned Infiniti from Toyota of Richardson in December 2013. The extended warranty salesman, Gary Lowe, asked if we would like to purchase an “extended warranty” for our car. I specifically asked him if this warranty would start when the factory Infiniti warranty expired. He said yes! I paid an additional $1,361 for an extended 3-year warranty. Last week, our windshield cracked for no apparent reason (it was parked in a parking lot at the time). In checking with our factory Infiniti warranty, I found that the basic warranty had expired in March 2016 so I called Toyota of Richardson to find out whether their “extended warranty” had glass coverage. It didn’t but I then found out that our “extended warranty” did not start in March 2016 as the salesman had told me but their warranty actually started on December 2013 when we purchased the car and would expire in December 2016 and not March 2019 as we were told. This means that we paid $1,361 for a warranty that lasted only 9 months, not the additional 36 months as promised.

What fool would pay $1,361 for a warranty for 9 months when they had a factory warranty during this same period unless they were lied to? Even one of the managers, Noreesh, mentioned that it would not make any sense but he refused to do anything about it.

If they we were willing to screw me over for $1,361, imagine what they would do to you when you purchased a new or pre-owned car!

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1020.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Warranty salesperson.

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Not resolved

Update by user Aug 18, 2012

As of August 18, 2012 -- Not one word from Toyota of Richardson and obviously, no resolution. Apparently, they don\'t need business that bad?

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 -- I stop by after work to see if they had a Scion FRS and sure enough they did. Spoke with Sam Mansfield, Scion Sales Manager. Nice guy, but not very knowledgeable about their products, especially the technology aspects of the Toyota and Scion. Strange, considering he was a manager. Sam was a very nice, laid back, no nonsense guy.

Husband met me up there and test drove the Scion-FRS, which is a cool car, but very bare bones on the inside and scant on technology, compared to other cars in it's class and below. We decided to look at the Prius C and later, decided to purchase. The painstaking process took nearly four hours and our brains were fried and by the time we made it back to the finance department, the dealership was closing.

After signing all the various paperwork, the upsell was in full swing. My husband told Morgan, the finance person, from the very beginning that he did NOT want an extended warranty. For a brief time, she left it alone and later asked "What if I could get you an extended warranty without you having to pay anything more?" I replied, "Sure, I'll take it if it doesn't cost anything extra!" Following my reply,

Morgan walked out of the office and came back to say that she was going to give us Gap Insurance, Clear Coat and a 7-Year Extended Warranty for no additional cost. He asked her how she got that done and her response was "I'm very persistent." Originally we were quoted approximately $500/month for our car payment. After she said that she was giving us all this free stuff, she tried to talk me into bimonthly, automatic checking account withdrawals that amounted to $250.00 every two weeks. She went on to say that we'd pay the car off earlier by doing this and never mentioned that we'd end up paying $3,000 additional which was for all the FREE stuff she said she was throwing in for us (Extended warranty, clear coat and Gap Insurance).

Fast forward to this morning after a night of rest and access to a calculator, he realizes that this lady basically scammed him into agreeing for everything he told her that he did not want in the first place. He called the dealership and asked for the person in charge, who never bothered to call him back. I called them approximately three hours later and spoke to Jeff, the Sales Manager. He called my husband and said that we could come back in and go through all the contract *** again, which we were not willing to do. After we didn't show up to pick up the Prius C, he called and my husband told him that we'd take our business elsewhere and he said, "Alright."

Having a customer service background, this is no way to treat a customer. Most businesses/dealerships would do whatever it took to make things right for their customers and gain their trust. NOT Toyota of Richardson! Our sales person, Sam Mansfield, didn't even bother picking up the phone to call either. Apparently this dealership doesn't need anymore business and if they treat a new customer this way, I can't help but wonder how they'd treat you once they had your money?

Monetary Loss: $25.

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